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All papers presented at this conference were published in IEEE Xplore:


ICTAS2018 had 3 keynote speakers: Prof T.V. Prabhakar, Prof Anthony T.S. Ho, and Prof Simon Fong.

Prof Ho, University of Surrey Guildford, UK, presented a talk on Applications of multimedia security and forensic techniques for secure communication, protection and detection of data content, while Prof Prabhakar, from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, delivered an address titled Contemporary Platforms and Architectural Issues.

Prof Simon James Fong, of the Computer and Information Science University of Macau, shared his expertise on Big Data Streaming Analytics in R&D: Challenges and Opportunities.

84 submissions were received. Each submission was reviewed by at least 2, program committee members and 45 papers were accepted. 39 papers were presented  at ICTAS2018.  All were subsequently published on IEEE Xplore.

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